Sunday Tea Time

Join me for a glass of tea and we can catch up.

I am still in recuperation mode after tearing my left calf muscle.  But, thankfully I am mending well.  I am still limited as to how much I can be on my leg with full weight.  Brad tells me I still have a waddle when I walk *smile*

Currently I am reading the Immortals After Dark Series by Kresley Cole. If you like paranormal books this is a great series.  I am currently on the 5th in the series.  Although, I have not been able to locate the 1st in the series. 
It is on my Paperback Swap list.

I am itching to try a couple of new recipes that I found recently.
(I am thinking blueberry instead of Cranberry)

(These have that afternoon cheese & cracker snack time all over them. YUM!)

I am a huge Phantom of the Opera fan.  The second part of the show has just recently been released on DVD Love Never Dies. I had the pleasure of watching the movie the other night via Netflix.  
If you like the Phantom then you will enjoy this one. I had read the book some years ago and have anxiously awaited the play.  Fabulous!

How are you doin'?
Ciao! Amy

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