A Trip to the EuroDeli

We are lucky enough to have a European Deli not too far away.
Brad and I love drop by once a month or so.
The place is a veritable treasure trove of
European deli meats, cheeses,
pastries, sausages, pates.
We are throughly enjoying all our spoils from the EuroDeli Trip!

This trip we brought home:
Polish Cheese, Veal Loaf, Gypsy Bacon and Herbed Stuffed Bacon
(left to right in picture above)

Below: (left to right) Parma Prosciutto and snack sausages

Below: Teawurst
(This was new for us and hard to find.  It's a spreadable smoky tea sausage. 
German's spread this on crackers or crostini at "Tea Time". 
It's very similar to liverwurst or Braunschweiger)

Ciao! Amy

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