Multi Colored Pepper Taste Test

On our trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway we stopped at one of the state line markets.
The market had a variety of colored peppers we bought some of the purple ones,
& the ivory ones.  The red ones are from our weekly CSA box.
We were chopping them up to put in the freezer and taste tested each one.
The ivory is very, very mild and barely tastes at all.
The purple is very tasty and even has a bit of a kick at the end of the bite.
The red ones are sweet and very tasty.
We use them a lot in omelets, frittatas, fajitas, etc.
They got mixed together and created very colorful freezer bags of peppers to use later.
In the picture below you will also see cherry and grape tomatoes prepped for freezing,
along with some bigger tomatoes headed to the freezer.
Ciao! Amy 

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