Sourdough Starter Update and Recipe

An  update on my sourdough starter.  It's progressing very nicely.
I stir it each night and have been feeding it every other night with
1 cup all purpose flour and 2/3 cup filtered warm water.

Last night I removed the 1st cup of starter and instead of tossing it,
I made pizza dough for our dinner.

The recipe is  Annies-eats Sourdough Pizza Crust is
absolutely wonderful.  Light, airy and we both deemed it a keeper. 
Also, a wonderful way to use up that cup of starter left over from weekly feedings.

We topped the sourdough pizza crust with:
Homemade-Italian-Sausage , red sauce, spinach,
fresh black cherry and yellow grape tomatoes from our vines,
mushrooms, Parmesan, mozzarella cheese and homemade goat cheese from our CSA.
It was one of the best pizzas that we have ever made at home.

Ciao! Amy

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