Sour Dough Starter (Experiment 1)

I enjoy making bread and sour dough is one of my favorites.
As my bread making skills improved over the years I have had a
desire to make authentic sour dough bread. But, I (let's be honest here)
have been intimidated by (yes, snicker if you must) flour, water and yeast.

I have read a lot of sour dough gone wrong stories.  Well, today this evening at
7:30pm EST I bit the bullet.  I created my first sour dough starter you see above.
I read, re-read, scoured the Internet for tips, etc.
Took a deep breath and bit the sour dough bullet. 

I hope you will follow my journey down the sour dough path
as I update my blog periodically on the sour dough experiment
growing in my kitchen as you read this.

My Sourdough Starter Recipe
2 cups all purpose flour
2 cups warm water
2 1/4 t of bread yeast
2 t orange blossom honey

Place all ingredients in a large glass or plastic container and cover loosely.
Leave on counter for approximately 5 days.
Stir daily, add 1/4 cup flour and water every other day.

*Yellow "hooch" liquid may appear on top as the alcohol is released. 
Stir this back in the mixture.

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